DSA Programs

Data Science and Analytics Programs

The following are Data Science or Analytics (DSA) programs at Cal Poly. Some are degree granting, like majors or minors. Others are courses available to students. This is the state of DSA at Cal Poly as of 2020-21 academic year and does not include any new programs or proposals as part of the Data Science Initiative as of yet.

DSA Programs at Cal Poly
Program Description College Department / Area
BS STAT Bachelor's of Science degree in Statistics COSAM Statistics
STAT Minor Minor in Statistics COSAM Statistics
CDSM DS Cross-disciplinary Studies Minor in Data Science COSAM and CENG Statistics
STAT Coursework Coursework in Statistics COSAM Statistics
Quantitative Analysis BS in Business Administration or Economics with Quantitative Analysis Concentration OCOB OCOB
Information Systems BS in Business Administration with Information Systems Concentration OCOB OCOB
MSBA Master of Science in Business Analytics OCOB OCOB
MSQA Master of Science in Quantitative Economics OCOB OCOB
Business Analytics Coursework Courses offered in OCOB that involve Business Analytics OCOB OCOB
BS CSC Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science CENG Computer Science and Software Engineering
BS SE Bachelor's of Science in Software Engineering CENG CSSE
CDSM Bioinformatics Cross-disciplinary Studies Minor in Bioinformatics CENG and COSAM COSAM
CSC Minor Minor in Computer Science CENG Computer Science and Software Engineering
Coursework in Computing Coursework in Computer Science and Software Engineering CENG Computer Science and Software Engineering
IME Enterprise Analytics Coursework The Enterprise Analytics Coursework at the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Program CENG Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Data Literacy / Computational Literacy Two NSF grants support developemnt of courses in Data Literacy and Computational Literacy respectively (work in progress) CENG Computer Science and Software Engineering


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